Our team is at the heart of what we do. All of our consultants are driven professsionals, with experience in their field and an intuitive understanding of what makes a business tick. We empower our people through a culture of trust and commitment to excellence, allowing them to bring their best to you and your business.


Will Cogley

Managing Director

Will is our co-founder and Managing Director. He also advises clients on high-level business strategy.

Tania Seymour

Financial Director

Tania is our co-founder and Financial Director. She manages the finances of Comera Professional.

James Powell


James leads Comera's accounting practice. He is an experienced accountant, formerly of KPMG.


Chris Cohen

Financial Consultant

Chris Cohen is an experienced Financial Advisor, who leads our financial consultancy practice.

Simon Campbell

IT & Cybersecurity

Simon leads our IT and cybersecurity practice. He is CISSP qualified and has considerable expertise in IT.

Adam Paragreen

Business Consulting

Adam leads our business consulting practice, drawing on his extensive cross-sector management experience.

Denise Harris

Human Resources

Denise is our lead HR consultant and manages our internal HR processes. She is CIPD level 5 qualified.

Ben Preater


Ben leads marketing at Comera and also advises clients on marketing, delivering practical, commercial solutions.

Winnie Laird

Quality Assurance

Winnie heads up quality assurance at Comera. She draws on extensive experience of QA and compliance.


Louise Peet


Louise supports our clients with a variety of financial matters, including payroll and bookkeeping.


Obaid Rehman

Accounts Senior

Obaid is a seasoned accountant, with over 5 years’ experience of working in accounts, payroll and taxation.

andrew reno 2.png

Andrew Reno

Web Developer

Andrew Reno is a full-stack developer who helps our clients to build a better website.


Emily Robinson

Client Support

Emily is an experienced administrator who supports the Financial Consulting team delivering high standards of customer service to our clients.

We're always looking for talented people to join our team. If you're interested get in touch at recruitment@comeragroup.co.uk